Types of kiosks

The kiosks are getting importance in businesses. More and more companies are using kiosks to improve their service. There are now self-service kiosks which are getting a considerable boost in recent days. These kiosks are used to facilitate to consumers to solve various problems in business activities. Self-service kiosks are deployed in the different business sector to provide excellent consumer service. Kiosks take the place of manual service and offer better performance than traditional manual service.

Here are the top kiosks.

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are used for offering different services like taking payments from clients or printing different kinds of documents.

These kiosks are mainly used in the following industries.

  • In health care for checking appointments and paying for subscriptions.
  • In government institutions for ID cards
  • Incorporate sector for printing badges
  • Banks use kiosks for deposits and withdrawals.
  • In retail, we pay different balls
  • Universities provide various services through kiosks.
  • Schools use kiosks for students services

Information kiosks

Information kiosks are used to provide information. The information provided via kiosks is concise and clear. All detail is provided. You need not reply to the data. Information kiosks offer an excellent user experience. Some kiosks show same information everywhere, but if location-aware kiosks are installed, they provide information according to your area. These kiosks are used in health care, government, corporate and retail sectors.

Internet kiosks

These kiosks are installed in public places such as airports, train station, libraries and museums to provide internet connection. Such a system also provides information’s about payment history. If there is an error, the system notifies the user. If a good kiosk is deployed, it automatically manages itself. It works 24/7. If there is a break down the kiosk will automatically restart and will save login details. If there is a fault in the machine, it will send an automatic email to the responsible person.

Way finding kiosks


These kiosks help the people in finding their location. They give information about nearby areas. Such kiosks are geo-fenced and are aware of their site. The centralized system controls the map data.

All the updates are loaded to all the kiosks at the same time. These kiosks can interact with boarding passes and shop receipts.

The people may navigate to desired locations with these kiosks.

There are also advertisements standing boards which are also kiosks.


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