Microsoft dynamics Features

When it comes to the characteristics of Microsoft dynamics, they are available for online and offline premises. Though these features are fantastic for online only now and if you are a Microsoft Dynamics partner, you have an improved and updated access to these features. The features are so frequent it may be challenging to understand the latest enhancements. You need to know how Microsoft dynamics features may provide extra benefits to your organization. The time to time changes is productive to the maximum level. Here are the top features of Microsoft dynamics for your business.

Outlook app

With the development of the dynamics 365 apps, you have enhanced access to significant updates. Released in 2015, this app tops the list. You can use Microsoft app for the outlook on your desktop, web, and mobile and have the power of exposure. You may view the latest information about email or know your appointment recipients. You may link an outlook email to your micro soft record. In may include an opportunity, account, or something other.


Power integration

You have another fantastic feature with Microsoft dynamics. You have the facility of embedding your entire dashboard. The capabilities of power B1 in dynamics allow you an enhanced embedding opportunity of your dashboard. You may add new tiles to the dashboard and may embed your whole dashboard in reports and make it more interactive. It allows you to create real-time visualizations. These embedded dashboards are available for tablets and smart phones.


Azure is dynamics, a tool for artificial intelligence. You may use azure machine learning function in dynamics for different types of jobs. It recommends you cross-selling opportunities. It auto-suggests you knowledgeable articles and facilitates you in the analysis of cases and tickets.

Outlook client

Though the integration between two platforms is somewhat complicated, you have excellent features with outlook client. It takes your combination to the next level of increase opportunities. You need not leave your inbox while working and you may track your archived emails and book appointments using outlook client.

Business process flow enhancements



You have another great function with Microsoft dynamics. You have a simple drag and drop interface with business process flow enhancements.

You have access to your organization’s performance and workflow. You can modify it any time you want.

You can remove expensive and cucumber some work.

In this way, these enhancements take your business to the next level.


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