England Rugby focuses on diversity in new branding

Brand Management

It was not until recently that the England Rugby team received a brand upgrade that conveys diversity in the popular game of the country. Onwards, a reputed design studio believes that more people from diverse cultures and regions will be able to relate to the new look which will attract them to the sport.

England Rugby, formerly known as Rugby Football Union is the authoritative organization that manages the Rugby teams and facilities right from beginner level to the elite England Rugby team.

Timing Is Crucial
The branding agency‌ ‌ update was executed very strategically as the Rugby World-Cup as well as the Six Nations-Championship are around the corner and these major events will attract a lot of people who will take notice of the brand revamp.

The co-founder of Onwards, Graeme Cook believes that the sport is followed by people belonging from different cultures and this revision will we be welcomed by all. The new design was targeted at getting the attention of youngsters of the current generation as well as the current players and longtime followers of the game.

Details Of The New Look
The new look offers more flexibility as it would suit perfectly on digital platforms and even on large prints that reflect the brand and the team. The studio introduced vivid texts and graphics in the brand. The “timeline” they call it, is a simple graphical interface that stores and displays pictures and various other content related to the sport which can be scrolled as desired.

The text is written with a typeface of the sans-serif font called tusker which is a gothic style that involves a variety of widths and weights. The sole purpose of this particular font is to depict the physicality in Rugby and how it portrays strength and belief in oneself. The inconsistent shapes and heights of the font convey the message that Rugby is meant for everyone irrespective of their heights and shapes.

Rugby And Personality Development
Rugby is not only a thrilling contact sport, but it is also directly responsible for inculcating a sense of discipline, teamwork, and responsibility in the players. The sport is considered sacred to the players and the citizens of the country, as it fosters feelings of sportsmanship as well as patriotism.

A simple yet effective upgrade to the brand representing the national rugby team is bound to uphold what the sport stands for, in the heart and minds of millions.

Evolution of the Sport
Initially, rugby was viewed as an elite sport meant for a certain portion of the population. But now, the landscape is changing fast as players from different cultures are actively playing for the country. Currently, England has a top-rated women’s rugby team that is doing well internationally. The newly introduced graphical timeline promotes diversity and the sport with pictures of women players as well as the beginners at the coaching centers.

Things that have remained the same is the England rugby team is the logo which is a red rose and the white and red color palette. The Design Studio has been working tirelessly with the officials of the national team to bring the new branding out into the world using different channels such as social media platform and the graphics timelines, one of which has been already used in Twickenham stadium this year Autumn. The Rugby world cup will kick off on 20th September 2019 and Onwards is working closely with the national team for a successful campaign.

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