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Brand Management

England Rugby focuses on diversity in new branding

It was not until recently that the England Rugby team received a brand upgrade that conveys diversity in the popular game of the country. Onwards, a reputed design studio believes that more people from diverse cultures and regions will be able to relate to the new look which will attract them to the sport. England […]

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Lead Generation Agency

How do lead generation companies work?

Lead generation is a vital facet of marketing strategy today. With the business environment becoming more competitive each day, companies have to find new ways to outdo the competition continuously. Business-to-Business lead generation is one of the many solutions for getting access to the details of prospective customers for your company. However, many companies often […]

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What are lead generation services?

There are several questions that you may ask yourself as you are trying to establish your business. One of them is, what are lead generation services? It is all about generating potential customers for any services or products. Well, Business lead generation is the new trend to bring profit as well as success to your […]

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IBM Software

Thomas Cook Use IBM Software to Refine Their Business Dealings

Thomas Cook has recently signed a business deal with IBM to start a new IT platform which can manage its huge travel operation. The project is a part of the Europe 100m Global program, a worldwide IT project by Thomas Cook aimed at creating a uniform production product across all brands of the company. Thomas […]

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virtual reality studio

Why Your Company Should Hire A VR Studio

As the World Wide Web reaches its tentacles far and wide, virtual reality is not far away. The promises to spread across large industries and transform the flat Internet into a competitive virtual market make virtual reality a powerful factor. Many consumers have experienced virtual reality in the area of ​​entertainment and games. But beyond […]

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How AR/ VR is transforming the automotive sector

Enterprises are using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to improve their business operations according to the Capgemini Research Institute. A guide for investment by Capgemini found that out that in 82% of companies utilising AR/VR had the technologies meet or exceed their expectations. Now virtual reality companies can see more implementation of […]

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Affiliate marketing

Ways that VR can be used in Marketing

We all like operating in environments that present the least possible level of pressure. This is why every company now wants to go online since it becomes easy for them to convey, attract and service clients with less hustle yet you attain at least same as one who trades on the area. However, when operating […]

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Human Resource

Creative HR Storytelling

For many human resources department, it can be seen as a boring place to work. But it may be the contact point that can make any person deliver the highest possible results to their organization. Storytelling is something that has been based on generation to generation and with quite effective results. Storytelling generally is a […]

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