Month: September 2018

How AR/ VR is transforming the automotive sector

Enterprises are using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to improve their business operations according to the Capgemini Research Institute. A guide for investment by Capgemini found that out that in 82% of companies utilising AR/VR had the technologies meet or exceed their expectations. Now virtual reality companies can see more implementation of […]

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Affiliate marketing

Ways that VR can be used in Marketing

We all like operating in environments that present the least possible level of pressure. This is why every company now wants to go online since it becomes easy for them to convey, attract and service clients with less hustle yet you attain at least same as one who trades on the area. However, when operating […]

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Human Resource

Creative HR Storytelling

For many human resources department, it can be seen as a boring place to work. But it may be the contact point that can make any person deliver the highest possible results to their organization. Storytelling is something that has been based on generation to generation and with quite effective results. Storytelling generally is a […]

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